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Sandy Tep is a multimedia artist based in Lawrence, Massachusetts and a fine arts student at UMass Lowell specializing in installation art and sculptures using bold bright colors and LED lights. Sandy creates an atmosphere that evokes emotions through the use of colors and forms. 

Using mixed media in her work it allows her to play with form and space to create visual depths. She is interested in the abstract and ambiguous. Sandy focuses on the topics of spirituality and presence. She often thinks about the human experience and emotions and where we stand in this world, how we are unique but also similar. Sandy enjoys experimenting with different materials such as wood, glass, mirrors, paints, and found objects. 

Her inspiration comes from artists like Dan Flavin, Olafur Elliasson, James Turrell, Sol Lewitt, and Yayoi Kusama. 

Currently, Sandy works with youth as an art teacher and is passionate about evoking the minds of young artists through creativity.

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