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New Start, New Art

I have finally done it. I have finally switched my major from Biology to Fine Arts. I have failed biology, chemistr, and the likes three years in a row! But, that is not an excuse to change my major, but it may have contributed a minor part in changing my major, I have realized that my passion is not trying to encode dna and all that Jazz, even though it is cool. My true passion is to create and keep creating. I thrive on creating art and to put my thoughts on a physical image or piece. My last bits of inspiration has fluttered away from me, and now I am stuck in a rut. But, I am hoping that this new school year and major will help me to gather inspiration for personal works as well as creative assignments handedout by the professor.

Yesterday, I had an Art Concepts class and the professor showed us an image of a Nike logo and an image of Yoko Ono’s installation a ladder on a platform and a glass just a bit below the ceiling and a magnifying glass attached. When a person would climb the ladder they’d take a look through the magnifying glass and look up on the glass ceiling only to reveal the word Yes. Okay, so these are both works of art, created with thought and time. But, one is for a client and one provokes the thought of audience and challenge the artist to answer their own question. My professor then proceed to ask, which artist are you? Do you work for a clientele or do you create because you have questions about the world. I’ll leave you to think of that.

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