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Out of My Art Comfort Zone

It’s been about 2 months now that I’ve been in school. In an art class that I am in right now called Art Concepts 2 really pushes me out of my art comfort zone. My works are created through traditional mediums of 2D design. Art concepts 2 focuses on the aspects of 3D design through different mediums such as clay, wood, wire, plaster, & even 3D printing (wow! So futuristic!). I was super nervous for this class at first because I’ve never worked with those mediums before besides clay, which I used in high school 4 years ago! So I start thinking about designs for each assignment pertaining to the mediums. It’s a problem solving task when working with each materials because they seem like foreign everyday objects to me, like how can this piece of wire can be turned into art?! Well, after searching through different artists who use each of those mediums I find myself spewing with ideas.

I created pieces from these materials, though I may not be very good at it but it is a great learning experience! And also today was my first time using a miter saw!!!! So scary I thought at first, but I am excited to experience a new form of art and gaining more knowledge as I go.

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